The Intensions® Model provides a new way to understand and harness human motivations. Combining the theory of morphological psychology with behavioural economics, this model allows organizations and brands to finally understand what's driving their customer's behaviour.

"I've seen clients totally blown away with the work [Intensions] have presented and more so because new thinking like morphological research is (finally) giving us that human reality layer to research." - Dr. Jon Haywood, Nomads Agency

The Intensions® Model looks at six psychological drivers that influence the behaviour of human beings. Through in-depth morphological interviews, our team are able to diagnose these hidden drivers of customer behaviour and create a customized model of the human mind. 

"We learned not only what people think and how they behave, but also WHY they think what they do and how we can present information in an effective manner moving forward. The results from the work Intensions completed for us has gone a long way in informing our current practices." - Dr. Angela Greter, Alberta Farm Animal Care

From food to finance, healthcare to advertising, the Intensions® Model has been used by clients around the world to understand customer segments, uncover market opportunities, and improve the impact of their advertising. If you'd like to learn more about the Intensions® Model, please contact us at: