Intensions® Tracking provides a new way to measure the emotional impact of brand and marketing initiatives. Combining the theory of morphological psychology with implicit association testing, our proprietary methodology allows organizations and brands to scientifically measure the real emotional impact of their activities. 


Intensions® Tracking provides a unique way to bypass rational quantitative research responses. By forcing survey respondents to make split second brand associations and judgements, our team are able to reliably measure and track their hidden emotions and feelings.

"Research is critical to informing the creation and development of a brand and it takes a researcher who understands the complexity of brand development to set those wheels in motion... Intensions expertly guided us through an impressive array of statistics and provided our team with an interactive, collaborative and thought-provoking experience." James Bradbury, Canada Beef

From food to finance, healthcare to advertising, Intensions® Tracking has been used by clients around the world to understand the emotional impact of their brand and marketing initiatives. If you'd like to learn more about Intensions® Tracking, please contact us at: