Market Research

Opportunities start with facts. That's why we use quantitative market research and advanced statistics to measure human behaviour and find emerging market trends.

We believe that data should be used to tell a story, which is why we take a highly customized approach to our research design. From the questions we ask, to findings we share, our aim is to provide organizations and brands with a unique perspective on human behaviour.

We’re also strong proponents of a flexible approach to data collection and analysis. From the use of online surveys, to more cutting edge techniques like implicit association testing and Intensions® Tracking, we design our studies to provide a better understanding of behaviour.

Finding Market Facts:

- Who are our current customers?

- What segments exist in our market?

- How are people using our products?

- Where are our market opportunities?

Finding Brand Facts:

- Who is aware of our marketing?

- What is our brand associated with?

- How are we influencing behaviour?

- Where are our brand opportunities?