Intensions on Millennial Facts

Earlier this month the White House released an economic report on Millennials titled, "15 Economic Facts About Millennials." The report contained a wealth of demographic, behavioural and attitudinal data on the Millennial Generation, but the following are two facts that we found particularly interesting.

1. Life Goals  

Compared to older Americans, millennials have different life goals. According the White House report, the majority of respondents (over 50%) now feel that time for recreation, contributing to societyliving close to friends and family, and finding new ways to experience things are important goals (see figure below).     

Intensions: Millennial Life Goals - White House Report


2. Work Goals  

Compared to older Americans, millennials have different work goals. According to the White House report, there's been a significant decrease in respondents who want results oriented or achievement oriented jobs, and a significant increase in respondents who want creative jobs (see figure below). 

Intensions: Millennial Work Goals - White House Report


Compared to Generation X and the Baby Boomer Generation, this research indicates that the life and work goals of Millennials are quite different. If you want to get a better understanding of your millennial customers and employees, please contact us.