Intensions on Men's Health

In a recent edition of The Psychologist, a monthly magazine published by The British Psychological Society, the topics of masculinity and health were explored in detail.

In North America, the study of men's health psychology is an important area of research, because "despite the fact that men in the United States have greater social and economic power than women, they are at greater risk of serious chronic disease and death than women at every age and for every leading cause of death" (Courteney, 2003).

What makes this topic particularly complex and interesting, is that many of the causes of illness and death amongst Western men are associated with modifiable sociological and psychological factors. Consequently, the "resulting adverse health effects... are preventable... and efforts to address these factors through practice, policy, and research could contribute to enhanced health conditions for men and boys" (Courteney, 2003).

If you're interested in learning more about the psychology of men's health, check out the June edition of The Psychologist magazine provided below: