Intensions on Fighting Depression Digitally

In June 2015, the Men's Depression & Suicide Network was excited to launch, a website that was developed by a team of clinicians and researchers led by Prof. John Ogrodniczuk from UBC, in collaboration with the digital agency Pound & Grain.

According to Ogrodniczuk,  “we look at the web site as a place where men can kick-start their recovery from depression... it’s designed to equip men with the knowledge needed to prevent, manage, and rebound from depression and suicidal thoughts.”

Intensions Consulting -

Intensions Consulting -

HeadsUpGuys features practical tips, advice, and guidance on how to recover from depression. This online resource also includes a tool for users to help them get a quick check on their symptoms, which they can then share with a health care professional.

The team at Intensions Consulting are excited to be involved with this project, and look forward to working with HeadsUpGuys to help them better understand and evaluate the experience of their users. For more information on the program, check out the website: