Intensions Study in Fusion


On March 29, 2016, Fusion published an article titled, 'Report: A quarter of Canadians think a computer program would be more ethical and trustworthy than their fleshy bosses'. Written by Ethan Chiel, the article discussed findings from our recent Intensions Consulting study on the Future of Work across Canada.

Fusion: "It seems this affinity for code-based beings is creeping slowly into the Canadian workplace". Image: Elena Scotti / Fusion

To quote from the article: "A recent survey found that a quarter of Canadians believe that a computer program could perform better than their human boss. The study, performed by Intensions, a Vancouver consulting firm, surveyed 2,299 adult Canadians (over the age of 20) over the last six months and found that 26% of Canadians “believe an unbiased computer program would be more trustworthy and ethical than their workplace leaders and managers.”

The article went on to quote Nick Black, Managing Partner at Intensions, as saying that "the results regarding the perceived ethical abilities of a program-as-manager were not surprising…given, perhaps, the extent of trust in technology.”

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