Intensions Study in the Daily Mail

On December 3, 2018, the Daily Mail published an article titled, 'Millennial men value good health and altriusm over ‘masculine’ traits’ . Written by Mia De Graaf, the article was based on the findings from our recent Intensions Consulting and UBC study on The New Values of Millennial Men.

Daily Mail: “Millennial men are more selfless, health-conscious and socially engaged than previous generations, new research suggests.” Image: Daily Mail

To quote from the article: "Basically, 'if you look at all the published literature on this, the answer is: men don't do health,' Nick Black, managing partner at Intensions Consulting, who co-authored the paper with the University of British Columbia, told Getting to the heart of what men aspire to be, Black says, could shed light on why men's health is typically so poor, and how to get around it. 'These constructs of gender, and how you perform them, has a lot of influence on behaviors.' If we understand what those constructs look like, he says, 'we can have a big impact on health.' The team recruited more than 600 men, and interviewed them. First asking them 'what does it mean to be a man?', before probing them to explain their answers.”

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