Intensions in The Western Producer

On September 25, 2015, Intensions Consulting was quoted by The Western Producer in an article titled, 'Campaign set to ignite Canadian exports.' Written by Barbara Duckworth, the article explored our recent study of beef consumers, producers and processors.

To quote from the article, "international polling... in Canada, China, Mexico and Japan have found that potential customers associate Canada with wide open spaces, a clean environment and nice people who follow the rules... There may be negative aspects to eating beef, such as worries about fat or the effect of cattle production on the environment, but those appear to be minor concerns among those surveyed, said Nick Black of Intensions, an international marketing research company."

The article went on to quote Bill Baker, who stated that "Canada in many ways is the world’s perfect place for raising beef. That is a fact that we need to start leveraging... That admiration, that desire already exists. What Canada Beef needs to do is simply ignite it.”

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