Market Psychology

Opportunities include feelings. That's why we use qualitative research, in-depth interviews, and morphological psychology to help our clients uncover market motivations and emotions.

Through thousands of depth interviews and discussions, we've found that human beings are often driven by unconscious and contradictory motivations. Morphological psychology and the Intensions® Model provide a framework for understanding how these motivations work. From the psychology of finance, to the motivations behind health behaviour, our studies have had a profound impact on categories and clients around the world.

As trained morphologists, we approach qualitative research with both openness and academic structure. Whether we're conducting a focus group, ethnography, or online interview, our ability to uncover hidden social and psychological opportunities is what makes our work unique.

Exploring Market Feelings:

- How do our customers think and feel?

- What are our market needs and drivers? 

- How do people feel about our products?

- What social & cultural motivations exist?

Exploring Brand Feelings:

- How do people feel about our brand?

- What new emotions can we trigger?

- What new positioning opportunities exist?

- How do we connect with a culture?