Morphological Psychology

Intensions Consulting are the only providers of morphological market research in Canada, and amongst a small group of research institutes conducting morphological studies globally.  

This groundbreaking methodology is a practical application of morphological psychology, an independent psychological theory originally advanced by Wilhelm Salber from the University of Cologne in Germany (Salber, 1965; Salber, 1969; Salber, 1989).

Incorporating aspects of gestalt psychology, phenomenology and psychoanalysis, the theory is based on psychological tensions that work together to influence and direct human experience and behaviour (Lӧnneker, 2007; Ziems, 2004). 

These psychological tensions are uncovered through morphological intensive interviews, a unique qualitative methodology that encourages open and flexible discussions within the context of a closed conceptual framework (Lӧnneker, 2007; Dammer & Szymkowiak, 1998). 

Similar to other qualitative research methodologies (Starks & Trinidad, 2007), interpretative analysis involves an iterative process of decontextualization and recontextualization to distill data into a common set of psychological themes or tensions (Dammer & Szymkowiak, 1998). When combined, these psychological tensions provide a framework for systematically understanding fundamental human needs (Melchers, 1997).


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