Intensions Study in The Star

On April 25, 2018, The Star published an article titled, 'Nine in 10 young men say ‘selflessness’ is a masculine trait'. Written by Wanyee Li, the article was based on the findings from our recent Intensions Consulting and UBC study on The New Values of Millennial Men.

The Star: “Young men are tackling stereotypes of masculinity, even as ideas of machismo and physical strength continue to dominate in some genres of mainstream culture.” Image: The Star

To quote from the article: "These findings fly in the face of traditional ideas of what being masculine means, said John Oliffe, founder of UBC’s Men’s Health Research Program. “We were very surprised by these young men. They value openness, selflessness and well-being, or health. I think those things help us think about the diversity within the group of men.” He conducted the study in partnership with Nick Black at Intensions Consulting. Oliffe acknowledged it is possible men are still holding on to long-time ideals like chivalry but are simply expressing them in a different way - by calling it selflessness instead, for example.”

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