Intensions in Urology Times

Intensions Consulting recently collaborated on an article published in the Urology Times titled, 'Personalized messaging: Communicating with men about their health'.

Authored by Dr. Larry Goldenberg, Professor of Urologic Sciences at the University of British Columbia, and Dr. Sean Skeldon, Urologist at the University of Toronto, the article explored common psycho-social motivations that lead men to make different health-related decisions.

The article described "six themes or modes that shape men’s health behaviours and how those modes can be ultimately used to improve men’s health". These modes were uncovered using morphological market research, an "independent theoretical foundation in qualitative research based on the psychological tensions that influence human experience and behavior."

Below is an image from Urology Times illustrating the six health care modes of men:

According to the authors, "it has been estimated that 70% of chronic diseases in aging men are preventable by modifying risk factors, including tobacco smoking, physical inactivity, poor diet, obesity, and alcohol abuse". In attempting to face this challenge and improve the health conversation with male patients, "the six health care modes provide an initial framework for communicating with men most effectively—in a precise, personalized manner."

For a full copy of the article, please click the link below: